Historic Lancing road made safer as ‘missing link’ in footpath installed

Residents have been enjoying a new safer walk along a historic Lancing road now that a ‘missing link’ of footpath has been put in place.

Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 10:24 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 10:25 am

For many years residents supported by councillors Carol and Carson Albury and county councillors have been calling on West Sussex County Council to install a full pavement on the north side of Manor Road.

A new footway had now been put in place, starting at the junction between Manor Road and Griffiths Avenue and continuing eastbound to where the existing footway begins.

Mrs Albury said: “This is wonderful news for North Lancing, residents and school children alike.”

Councillors with chairman Ken Carr and residents Virginia Kemp and Nicky Prior with grandson Ledley

“This is the first time that children and residents walking along the road in this old part of Lancing’s Conservation area can walk in safety, not having to cross the road at two points.

“We look forward now to North Lancing School being able to put forward a walk to school programme and it is a joy to see this being such a success.”

She praised everyone who had helped the scheme become a reality.

She said: “This is really a fantastic achievement by so many, especially previous County Councillor Dave Simmons who first initiated the programme with West Sussex County Council over 10 years ago, and the involvement at the planning stage of the Neighbourhood panel, whose chairman is Ken Carr.”

Councillor George Barton said: “This is West Sussex County Council at its best, finally reacting to residents’ requirements and the needs of pedestrians in the area.

“I am completely thrilled with this and it was a joy to talk with residents that are enjoying the new safe walk along the historic Manor Road.”

A West Sussex County Council spokesman: “This scheme was requested by the community to provide a ‘missing link’ of footway on the north side of Manor Road, Lancing, improving pedestrian safety and reducing the need to cross the road multiple times.”

The carriageway was realigned and narrowed to make space for the new footway and the spokesman said it was hoped this would improve driver behaviour in Manor Road.

The scheme also includes the introduction of coloured surfacing at the junction with of Manor Road and Mill Road to highlight the bend and junction, the spokesman said.

The work was carried out by contractor Balfour Beatty Living Places.