Mum sings praises of alternative treatment in Shoreham

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A MOTHER has spoken about the benefits of homeopathy after it helped put an end to months of ear infection misery for her son.

Joanne Kelly started going to see homeopath Therese Eriksen after her son, George, then 13 months old, had eight ear infections and tonsillitis, caused by teething, in just six months.

A friend recommended Therese, who works from the chiropractic clinic, in Ham Road, Shoreham, in February last year.

Joanne described the transformation in George as “incredible”.

“As a baby, he was always very stable, until he started teething,” she said.

“When he started teething and he had all the problems, everything changed – his mood, his behaviour, his sleeping and his health.

“He was on so many antibiotics that I just wanted to see if I could put a stop to that and see if there was anything else he would respond to.”

The ear infections became so bad that Joanne had to have George’s hearing checked. She was told that if he had any more infections, he would have to have gromits fitted.

George, however, now two years old, has had no ear infections since he started seeing Therese and is no longer on antibiotics.

His sleeping patterns and mood have improved, despite his having several new teeth through, and he is no longer seeing Therese.

“He is now back to the baby I thought he was going to be,” said Joanne, from Worthing.

She said coming to see Therese had helped her to look at the symptoms more and spot the warning signs if George was becoming ill. Joanne was so pleased with the results that she decided to have treatment herself to help regulate her hormones and monthly pains.

“It was a revelation to me,” said the 40-year-old.

Therese, 39, said: “I started training as a homeopath after I had my first baby.

“I came across it, because I was looking for natural treatments for illness.”

Therese had previously worked in financial services, so it was a major career change for her, but once she started her training, she found she wanted to know even more.

“I just thought, ‘this is it, this is what I want to do’,” she said.

“I thought, ‘I need to learn about this’. I thought I would use it to treat my family, but, after a while, I thought, ‘this is what I want to do’.”

Homeopathy involves treating clients with highly diluted substances, given mainly in tablet form, to trigger the body’s natural healing.

“Our bodies have the ability to keep correcting ourselves and bring ourselves back into balance,” said Therese.

“Sometimes, however, the body needs a bit of help to do that.”

Therese works from the Ham Road clinic on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons and some Saturdays.

Anyone interested in homeopathy treatments can call Therese on 01273 462660 or visit