Head shave supports mum, 29, with cancer

Catherine Gould is planning a head shave to raise money for her friend with cancer D15041840a
Catherine Gould is planning a head shave to raise money for her friend with cancer D15041840a

NEWS of developments in a young mum’s battle with cancer has prompted a Fishersgate woman to shave her head in support.

Catherine Gould, of Fishersgate Close, wants to help her friend Samantha Beaven raise money for treatment abroad.

Catherine is planning to shave her head, picking up on a fundraising idea started by another friend, Amy Beckwith, from Brighton.

She explained: “Sam desperately wants to go to Mexico to have hyperthermia treatment and cutting-edge intravenous immune therapies. I believe she can beat this.”

Samantha, who lives in Brighton, was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year, after giving birth to her daughter, Daisy.

Two weeks ago, she had a seizure and it was found the cancer has travelled to her brain.

Catherine said the initial symptoms had been put down to pregnancy, so the cancer was not discovered for some months, despite many visits to hospital.

“Sam did not accept her diagnosis and set up a donations site. She had alternative treatments, as well as chemotherapy, and just last month had no measurable tumours.

“We were all so delighted, as you can imagine. Sam is only 29 and has her baby and another very young daughter.”

Hearing the cancer had since spread to Samantha’s brain, Catherine wanted to do something to help. The friends had met eight years ago, at Good Companions, a pub in Seven Dials.

Catherine heard Amy had booked her head shave at a salon in Brighton for February 21 and thought it would be good to do something similar, and create almost a competitive element, to bring in more donations.

Sam has been told her only option is aggressive radiotherapy on the NHS, which may not work.

She believes the only way she can extend her life is to go abroad for care not available in the UK and she has so far raised £ 21,500.

Catherine said: “Sam has already beaten this once and is determined to see her children grow up. Please donate and help us, help Sam get to Mexico.”

She has not yet set a date for her head shave but aims to complete it by the end of February at the latest.

For more details, visit the Cath Gould page at www.kapipal.com or www.kapipal.com/fightforlifeandliving.