Head shave ‘big sacrifice’ to help sick friend

SH 280115 Catherine Gould is planning a head shave to raise money for her friend with cancer
SH 280115 Catherine Gould is planning a head shave to raise money for her friend with cancer

A WOMAN with a condition that means she cannot tolerate the cold is braving a head shave to help a friend.

Catherine Gould, of Fishersgate Close, Fishersgate, wants to help her friend Samantha Beaven raise money for cancer treatment abroad.

She has already made a fundraising appeal in the Herald and hopes details of her own condition will help encourage more to donate.

“I’ve got Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which apart from everything else causes brain fog, so I can’t think clearly,” she explained.

“One of my symptoms is inability to regulate my own temperature, so I am going to suffer for shaving my head this time of year, as I just cannot tolerate the cold.

“That was a big part of the reason I decided to shave, as I thought it was a big sacrifice, so I would raise big money for Sam. I wasn’t going to go on too much about my own illness, as I thought I should focus on Sam’s struggles, but I am willing to try anything.”

Catherine Gould has arranged to have her head shaved at Toni & Guy in Brighton on Friday, February 27, at 11.15am.

Her friend Samantha, who lives in Brighton, was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year, after giving birth to her daughter, Daisy.

Catherine said: “Sam desperately wants to go to Mexico to have hyperthermia treatment and cutting-edge intravenous immune therapies. I believe she can beat this.”

In January, Samantha, who is 29, had a seizure and it was found the cancer has travelled to her brain.

Hearing the news, Catherine wanted to do something to help.

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Catherine said: “Sam has done her investigations. There is a new treatment she can receive in Mexico, this has been getting extremely good results.

“Please donate, from as little as 50p, every penny helps.”