Hard work pays off for GCSE students at Shoreham Academy

Shoreham Academy has celebrated a fifth year of improved results at GCSE level.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 3:23 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:14 pm

This summer, 71 per cent of students achieved five or more nine to four grades (A* to C) including English and maths.

A spokesman said: “This is a significant improvement on last year’s results, when 65 per cent of the academy’s students achieved the equivalent GCSE measure, and is the fifth year in a row where results have increased.”

More students than ever also achieved good passes in both English and maths, with 73 per cent achieving level four or above on the combined Basics measure and 50 per cent achieving five or above.

Proud Shoreham Academy students with their results
Proud Shoreham Academy students with their results

This year’s results also saw more students achieving the new top nine grade, including in English and maths.

One of these students was Niamh Hunter-Faherty, who achieved six GCSE’s at level nine, one A*, two As and two seven’s.

She said: “I am feeling surprised and speechless! My tip for next year’s classes? Use your class time wisely and your friends for support.”

Other high achievers included Josh Gumbrell, who achieved seven level nine’s, an A* and two seven’s, and Charlie Horne, who achieved four level nine’s, an A*, an A and three seven’s.

Henry Taylor, Jason Sotiri and Billy Dinsdale

Henry Taylor achieved six eight grades and a nine in PE. He said: “I’m ecstatic. I’m quite surprised.”

He said he was most proud of his results in the sciences, adding: “That’s what I worked the most hard for, as that’s what I’m doing next year.”

Henry said he had enjoyed his time at Shoreham Academy. “It’s been good, a lot of the teachers have helped me,” he said.

But he is looking forward to a ‘fresh start’ at BHASVIC, where he will study double maths, biology and chemistry.

Niamh Hunter

Ross Evans said: “I did better than expected.

“I got a nine in maths – I was shocked.

“I also got a nine in PE – I was more confident in that but still wasn’t expecting it.”

He said of the exams: “I thought they were quite hard, but all the hard work paid off.”

Billy Dinsdale

Ross is staying at Shoreham Academy to study Maths, Biology and PE.

Jason Sotiri was reduced to tears by his nine in PE and history.

He said: “It’s amazing, I’m speechless, I can’t believe it.”

He will continue on at the academy to study biology, chemistry and PE.

Jim Coupe, Principal at Shoreham Academy, said: “These GCSE results are our best ever and demonstrate the significant, sustained progress we have made as a school over the past five years.

“I take tremendous pride in all of our students for their consistent dedication, enthusiasm and ambition and their achievements today are testament to all their hard work to date.

Dohara De Silva and Eve Moran-McHugh

“Likewise, today’s results would not have been possible without the day-to-day efforts of our staff, who continue to go the extra mile to support students.

“I know they will all be as delighted as I am that students have achieved so highly.

“What is also pleasing is that we will be welcoming the vast majority of our Year 11s back for the new term as they continue their studies at our Sixth Form, which is growing each year in popularity both with our existing students and others more widely.”

Another high performing student was Maryam Siddiqa, who achieved one nine, two A*s, four eight’s and three seven’s.

Maryam had this advice for future students: “Keep on believing in yourself, listen to the advice you are given, you will not have regrets.”

Katie Jones said she was proud to achieve a five in French and a seven in English.

She said: “I did so well, I can’t even believe it.

“I didn’t think I would do this well.”

She said of the exams: “I thought they were really hard. You’ve just got to work hard, which is what everyone has done.

“Everyone seems to have done well.”

Katie will stay at Shoreham Academy to study English, psychology and sociology.

James Harrington-Rutterford was awarded three level nine’s, one A*, four eight’s, one seven and one B.

Billy Dinsdale, who got the equivalent of an A in English Literature, an A* in business and a B in further maths, said: “I did really well, I’m really pleased.”

Billy will continue at Shoreham Academy, studying maths, further maths, French and Economics.

Ben Wright Whitlock said: “I think I did alright. I went from failing in computer science to getting an A. I’m quite pleased.”

Ben will continue his studies at Chichester College.

Amy Mepham was pleased to achieve a nine in English Literature and in photography.

She said of the exams: “They were quite difficult and stressful, but I’m glad they are over.”

She will stay at Shoreham Academy to study English Literature, Business Studies and Graphic Design.

Dohara De Silva was proud to achieve a seven in maths and general studies, along with a six in English.

She said of opening her results this morning: “I felt like I was going to cry, but when I opened them it was my mum that was crying.”

Eve Moran-McHugh said she was ‘really nervous’ before opening her results this morning.

She said: “I did well, I got an eight in drama which I’m really happy with and a seven in English Literature.”

Beatrice Smedley was ‘relieved’ to find out her results and pleased to achieve an eight in PE.

“I found the exams hard but I’m glad they are over,” she said.

She will stay at Shoreham Academy to study PE, dance and travel and tourism.

Dave Oakes, Vice Principal for Key Stage four at Shoreham Academy, said: “Congratulations to all our Year 11s on their excellent results today, which are a fitting reward for all their hard work over the past two years.

“I am particularly pleased to see so many of our students excelling beyond what they would have thought possible and achieving many more of the new top nine grades.

“Their achievements will provide firm foundations on which to build as they begin their A Level courses and aspire to the very best universities, apprenticeships and training courses.”

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James Harrington-Rutterford and Fenton Hunt and Henry Taylor
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