Green Party conducts river litter pick

Members of Adur Green Party organised a litter pick zCbbWpaHICu6RlJgn0Ad
Members of Adur Green Party organised a litter pick zCbbWpaHICu6RlJgn0Ad

ADUR Green Party have removed more than 15 bags of litter from the River Adur in a litter-pick.

The gathering last weekend saw a group of all ages gather on the riverbanks, picking rubbish and recycling bottles and cans.

Around 25 people attended, with more ambitious members pulling out entire pallets, large pieces of scrap metal, and even a bar stool.

There was also a great deal of plastic and polystyrene, which breaks down in the river and sea ecosystem for hundreds of years, which can be highly toxic to sealife.

A member for the party said: “If you think litter is just a few sweetie papers, think again. Volunteers were amazed at the quantity and range of litter they were able to collect.

“Despite grey skies, mud and freezing temperatures, spirits were high as we enjoyed being outdoors, re-connecting with our natural environment and making a difference.

“Adur Green Party is proud to have a continued presence in Shoreham and is committed to campaigning for a sustainable future for all.”

Events co-ordinator Gerry Thompson said: “We came up with the idea of litter-picks because, as the Green Party, we want to do something to help nature and show that we’re not out just to get people’s votes.

“There is always a lot of litter coming into the area because of the tide, and there are lots of people doing a wonderful job, so this is our contribution.”

The party’s next litter-pick will be in Shoreham Town Centre in April.