GALLERY: Readers’ pictures June 2014

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ANIMALS and birds feature in the June reader pictures gallery.

Una Markwick, of Victoria Road, Shoreham, sent in a picture of a peacock ‘showing his full glory’ while she was on holiday on the Isle of Wight in May.

Picture: Jane Cosham

Picture: Jane Cosham

Jane Cosham, of Hawkins Crescent, Shoreham, sent in a picture of her guinea pigs sharing lunch with a young sparrow. She said: “My guinea pigs run free in the garden and I caught one of them sharing lunch. Thought it was rather lovely.”

Sarah Reeve sent in a picture of a young robin at Lancing Ring on June 3, while David Tarr, of North Street, Shoreham, spotted seagulls on rooftops in his road a few days later.

He said: “The first picture is ‘I’ll stay, while you go and get him’. Now they have young on the roof, it is dive bombing time!

“And the second one of the three newborn is asking ‘which direction is my next meal coming from’?”

He also sent in a picture from Nymans, gathering buttercups in the warm summer sunshine.

Warwick Baker spotted an ‘up and over’ delivery in Old Fort Road, Shoreham Beach. Howard Kent crane hire company, of Brighton Road, Shoreham, said the delivery was a hot tub and the firm was regularly called for similar ‘up and over’ deliveries.

Following a front-page picture the Steyning Herald of Steyning Festival knit bombing on the St Cuthman statue, Anita van der Colff sent in a picture of the two girls responsible. She said she was very proud of Rachel Cotton and Amy Howell, year-six pupils at Steyning Primary School. “They found out about the knit bombing a week before the festival,” she explained. “There followed a week of ‘if you’re sitting, you’re knitting’, so they could produce the scarves to go round St Cuthman. They were also responsible for the knit bombing outside the chemist on the High Street.”

Neil Coppendale, of Church Green, Shoreham went to Gold Beach, Arromanches, France, on the 70th anniversary of D-Day and sent in a selection of pictures from the ceremonies there.

“A reminder Shoreham is among the Sussex names on the original D-Day map, which is still in the Operations (Map) Room at General Eisenhower’s Allied Headquarters at Southwick House, near Portsmouth,” he added.

Nazi flags on Shoreham Airport caused a stir when a Hollywood film crew took over the site the day before the D-Day anniversary.

Martin Sayers, of Seahaven Gardens, Shoreham Beach, sent in one picture and Peter Pollack sent in a selection.

Cyril Crouch from Shoreham Beach sent in two photographs taken at Shoreham Airport on June 1. He came across a World War Two aircraft parked, the famous Douglas Dakota DC3, which he said was ‘one of the real work horses’ of world war two and the D-Day landings, an appropriate sight so close to the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

To show how aircraft design has changed over the decades, he photographed the ‘old girl’ with two modern aircraft used at the airport today - the Twin Diamond aircraft and a helicopter.

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