GALLERY: Readers’ pictures – July 2014

WILDLIFE features strongly in this month’s gallery of readers’ pictures.

Tim Meredith, of Southwick Street, Southwick, photographed a male stag beetle (lucanus cervus) in his garden.

Picture: Warwick Baker

Picture: Warwick Baker

He said: “It is understood to use its antlers for grappling with other males when disputing ‘ownership’ of females, although such behaviour has been rarely witnessed.

“The beetles feed on ripe fruit and sap and breed in rotting wood. They have become very scarce over recent decades, so I was delighted to be able to photograph one in the wild.”

Paul Collington, of Goring Road, Steyning, spotted what he believes is a female emperor dragonfly laying eggs in his pond.

“Beautiful creature,” he said.

Dean Funnell saw a seal basking in the sun when he was walking his dog at 8.30am on Saturday, July 26, on Southwick Beach. Unfortunately, the picture is only small because it was taken on a phone but it was such a good shot, we have included it anyway.

David Tarr, of North Street, Shoreham, and Barry Render, of Upper Kingston Lane, Shoreham, both took pictures of a peacock butterfly enjoying a buddleia.

Mr Tarr also photographed travellers’ caravans on Adur Recreation Ground on the evening of Tuesday, July 15. They had arrived on Sunday, July 13.

And he was ready with his camera when the steam train, pulled by Locomotive 44932, known as The Black Five, passed over Old Shoreham Road, Shoreham, at 8.28am on Saturday, July 5. It was en route to Bournemouth and Weymouth for a day trip.

There have been a few freak storms in the area this month and readers were on hand to snap the action.

Stephanie Haliti took pictures of the lightning from her bedroom window on July 18.

Dave Richardson captured the scene in Middle Road, Shoreham, on Sunday, July 20, at 8.45pm when torrential rain flooded the road.

“Cars are having problems getting through,” he said. “The middle of Middle Road is flooded. The drains have burst.”

Dentist Dr Nick Maxwell, who works in Shoreham and Clapham, took a picture of flooding in Portslade at 3.21am on Monday, July 28, and sent it via Twitter.

He witnessed the aftermath of a lighning strike in Wellington Road, Portslade, near the Station Road junction. He said it looked like lightning had set the pavement on fire.

More beautiful summer scenes were sent in by other readers.

Judy Green‎ sent a picture of summer blooms in the churchyard at St Mary de Haura, Shoreham, via Facebook.

Jane Cosham, of Hawkins Crescent, Shoreham, says Shoreham ‘is such a gorgeous place’ and to illustrate it, sent in a picture taken while out riding her horse.

“A beautiful evening enjoyed with my faithful companion,” she said.

J.R. Earthey sent in photographic print of a flower seller in Shoreham.

“Just look at our wonderful flower lady, outside the Marlipins pub in Shoreham, out on a lovely summer day,” he wrote.

Chloe Ellman Baker from Shoreham landed the principal part of Susan in Tori Productions’ Narnia at the Windmill Theatre in Littlehampton from July 17 to 19.

Her grandfather, Warwick Baker (, sent in two pictures from the show. Director Tori Monroe said the production was a huge success.

Also sending a picture via Facebook was Karen Allan‎, who took a picture of the sunset over the River Adur, seen through one of the smashed panels on Adur Ferry Bridge.

“The effect looking through the broken glass was interesting, I thought,” she said. “It’s a shame about the vandalism of the bridge, though.”

Lisa Abbott from Portslade sent in a picture illustrating the young and old brought together by a shared interest.

Her five-year-old son, Connor Beckham-Abbott, enjoyed a fun and educational day at Steyne Gardens in Worthing on Armed Forces Day.

“This photograph shows the RAF war veterans proudly wearing their uniforms and little Connor, an aspiring pilot, stood in the middle sporting a hat, medals and cane,” she said.

“My grandfather was an RAF pilot, and my father and cousin were cadets in the ATC. Therefore, the armed forces are a big part of my family. I plan to start Connor in the cadets when he is old enough and I am sure he will continue with it.

“I could not have been prouder to be British on this day, when I was sat in the crowd with my grandmother and son listening to the armed forces band, watching the officers stand proudly by their vehicles taking in the incredible atmosphere.

“I am proud of my country, my family and mostly my son.”