GALLERY: Readers’ pictures – January 2015

COMPARISONS and amusements were provided for our January Readers’ Picture Gallery.

Maxine Adams, who lives in north Shoreham, took two very different, yet similar, photographs of the Adur Ferry Bridge, which see described as ‘wonderful’.



Judy Green kindly sent some photos of the Wellington Wailers performing at the Ropetackle Arts Centre.

Tim Meredith, of Southwick Street, Southwick, spotted Shoreham Port’s tug, Adurni, ‘in the spotlight’, off Southwick beach.

Two sunset pictures were sent in by Zoe Hutton, of The Close, Shoreham. She took them both on the day before the winter solstice.

“This was my best chance of getting a picture, as the next day the sky wasn’t clear,” she said.

“I think the colours are amazing. This is always an interesting spot from where to watch the river, as each tide brings something new to see and the lovely colours of the sky, too.”

Horses featured in a couple of photos by David Tarr, of North Street, Shoreham, this month.

‘Best Friends’ sees a horse and a sheep enjoying the setting sun on Mill Hill.

His pair of photos featuring a horse ‘parked up’ in High Street, Shoreham, raised a smile or two.

“Thought these would amuse you,” he said. “Shoreham High Street - the One Horsepower could not decide if it was a stable from Dean & Co or a haircut by Bruno it had come into town for!”

Perfectly placed to keep an eye on construction work at the Shoreham Centre, Mr Tarr has provided a fascinating collection of photographs charting the progress.

These include the concrete floors for the first-floor going into position, as well as the stairs too reach them by.

Finally, his picture taken on Thursday captured the patient queue for Wild Life festival tickets. The front half of the queue is winding its way around on the left, and continues on to the back of the queue on the right.

“Selling like hot cakes,” Mr Tarr observed.