GALLERY: Readers’ pictures February 2014

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READERS’ pictures from February feature a number of news items, as well as scenic shots.

Shoreham Herald readers have become ‘roving reporters’, capturing scenes of devastation in the area.

The newly-cleaned ruins of part of St Mary's original Nave, pictured by David Tarr

The newly-cleaned ruins of part of St Mary's original Nave, pictured by David Tarr

“Hold the front page!” was David Tarr’s comment when he sent he pictures of the trees coming down in Pond Road on February 12.

“The police and fire bridgade have cordoned off Pond Road, Shoreham,” added David, of North Street, Shoreham. “Seems that a tree in the grounds of the community centre is in danger of falling and it is being felled now.”

David also spotted a stonemason at work on February 27, carefully recutting the names of the fallen, on Shoreham’s war memorial.

The final picture in his collection is the newly-cleaned ruins of part of St Mary de Haura’s original Nave, ‘looking resplendent in the winter sunshine’.

He said an excellent job had being made of the surrounding area, at its base, as well.

Natalie Parker, landlady at the Red Lion pub in Shoreham, also provided an on-the-spot picture, snapping the water flooding in Old Shoreham Road when a water main burst on February 18.

Ray Chandler, of The Drive, Shoreham, sent in a picture of a line of cars parked up on a cycle lane.

He asked: “What’s the point of cycle lanes, like this one in Upper Shoreham Road, Shoreham, if the authorities fail to enforce them and inconsiderate motorists just park all over them?”

The Environment Agency’s shingle work on Shoreham Beach was questioned by Warwick Baker early in February.

“With the wind gusting 60 mph, the waves were breaking over the edge of the beach, despite the height of tide being only 5.8 metres,” he pointed out.

Mike Wooldridge sent in a fascinating letter, combined with a picture of the lanterns on Worthing Pier being refurbished. He was highlighting the need to use the correct materials in salt environments.

Kelly Brown sent in two photos of Lola, her jack russell, at the wooden bridge in Shoreham and at the beach.

A whole range of scenic photographs was provided by Callum Liston, 15, from Worthing, who is new to photography.

“I went out at the weekend and took some photos of Shoreham and it surroundings,” he said.

February has seen photographers busy in Shoreham. How about sending in some pictures from Southwick, Fishersgate, Steyning, Upper Beeeding and Bramber, too?

Email your readers’ pictures to and explain about about them.