GALLERY: Rare sight over Shoreham

SURPRISED Shoreham residents spotted a rare sight over the town on Boxing Day.

A hot air balloon was seen flying close to houses on the Wimpy estate in north Shoreham.

The balloon flying close to houses in north Shoreham PICTURE: ANDREW BELLAMY

The balloon flying close to houses in north Shoreham PICTURE: ANDREW BELLAMY

Colin Ulph, of Upper Shoreham Road, said: “You don’t often see this sort of thing on the Upper Shoreham Road!

“We were quite staggered when we saw it while we were eating breakfast about 9.30 on Boxing Day morning.

“The balloon never gained much height but just drifted slowly east to the north of the Upper Shoreham Road and eventually landed on the east side of Buckingham Park.

“It looked as though there were just one adult and one child on board - nice Christmas present for someone.”

David Tarr, of North Street, Shoreham, also saw the balloon flight on what he described as a ‘cold and frosty morning’ and sent in two photographs.

Other town centre residents said it looked like the balloon was flying very close to the houses in north Shoreham.

One said it was a rare sight in the town and it caught the eye of many people.

Andrew Bellamy, who was watching from Mill Lane, said: “On Boxing Day morning, a hot air balloon appeared to be having trouble maintaining height just to the north of the Upper Shoreham Road, having passed low over the green on Chanctonbury Drive.”

He sent in three images of the flight to the Herald.

“In a couple, you can see one of the two occupants dropping what I take to be sand or other ballast over the side,” Mr Bellamy added.

“I did not see the landing, but it did disappear behind the houses and didn’t re-emerge, as far as I could tell. I suspect they were trying to head for Buckingham Park.”