GALLERY: Productions prove it’s a fine, fine life!

THE Towers Convent School in Upper Beeding has just enjoyed four performances of its mammoth production of Lionel Bart’s Oliver!.

Mammoth in that the production was actually two productions, as it involved two complete casts featuring 150 girls in all.

Oliver! at The Towers Convent PICTURE: WARWICK BAKER (

Oliver! at The Towers Convent PICTURE: WARWICK BAKER (

The range of talent was staggering, with double the menace from the two Bill Sykes, a double dose of gutsy tenderness from the two Nancys, double the innocence from the two orphan Olivers and a double dose of extremely entertaining villainy from the two incorrigible Fagins.

All four shows sold out and at each one, the positive response from the audience was overwhelming.

Nicky McCallum, mother of a year-11 pupil, commented: “I think it is amazing how you manage to get so many children involved.

“There must have been about 150 in both productions, over 70 per cent of the senior school. How you can be so inclusive and achieve such a high standard is beyond me.

“The drama and music at the Towers are gems that should be advertised more.”

Although having two complete casts was extraordinarily hard work for all those involved, the outcome was so rewarding.

Most of all, it was fantastic to see so many girls growing in confidence and having such exuberant fun.

The warmth and support from each cast for the other one was genuinely uplifting. Both casts had brought their own unique interpretations to the show, so it was extremely entertaining to see both versions.

Having reviewed the situation over the weekend, Cast 2 could certainly do anything that Cast 1 could do. Glorious performances of Oliver! from both casts proving it’s a fine, fine life!