Fundraisers to hear update from Nicaragua

Gilberto Aguirre, with his wife Damaris
Gilberto Aguirre, with his wife Damaris

CHURCHGOERS in Shoreham are looking forward to learning more about life in Nicaragua.

Gilberto Aguirre, governor of the Avocado. Tree School, will be speaking at the morning service at Shoreham Methodist Church, Brunswick Road, on Sunday.

Peter Bedwell said: “Gilberto’s visit to Shoreham will be particularly exciting for the members of the church, as he was the person who initiated the setting up of the Avocado Tree School, which they have been supporting since 2005. Based in La Concepción, a poor area about an hour’s drive from the capital, Managua, the school provides for pupils from pre-school to university.”

There is a massive shortage of teachers and many of the students there have parents who have to work abroad.

Since 2005, the Shoreham church has raised £20,000 for the school, sending funds through the Amos Trust.

Mr Aguirre is also the development director at CEPAD, a Nicaraguan charity which helps farmers in remote areas, providing them with the knowhow and co-operative networks to help pull themselves out of poverty.

Margaret Bedwell has visited Nicaragua from Shoreham on three occasions.

She said: “Gilberto is in contact with the school continually and will be able to let us have news about what is happening in the school and in Nicaragua, a country that doesn’t get a lot of media attention.”