Free lessons in English are on offer

INTERNATIONAL school English Language Homestays is offering free lessons as a thank you to Shoreham.

The company, which has been established as a language school for more than 20 years, had to leave its premises at Shoreham Airport in May.

Adur District Council stepped in and offered the use of empty offices on the first floor of Adur Civic Centre, in Ham Road, Shoreham.

English Language Homestays said it was delighted with the help it had received and in return, it wanted to give something back to the community.

Five weeks of free English lessons are being offered for foreign nationals who live in the area.

Anne De Lanoy said: “Whether you have lived in the Adur district for a while and want to improve your English, or whether you just moved to the area and are a beginner of English, the course can accommodate all levels.

“Lessons will focus on everyday English, CV writing and interview skills, answering the phone and general conversation skills. Proof of residency is required.”

The free sessions will start September 8 and will be on Mondays, from 2pm to 4pm. Call the language school on 01273 595900 to book.