Flooding incidents attended by West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

THESE are all the incidents attended in our area:

Monday, 11th June 2012, 2:32 pm

Sunday, June 10, 8.33pm to 10.20pm:

Winchelsea Gardens, Worthing – flooding at end of cul-de-sac to a depth of 20cm threatening houses. Salvage undertaken by fire service and incident left with council’s road agency

Sunday, June 10, 10.19pm to 11.47pm:

Block of flats, Gardener Road, Fishersgate – weather-related flooding affecting five flats. Water pumped by fire service, water drain cleared, salvage undertaken and electrics isolated

Sunday, June 10, 10.40pm to 00.06am:

Bernard Road, Worthing – floodwater in road entering six houses. Salvage undertaken

Sunday, June 10, 11.20pm to 03.34am:

Worthing Hospital, Lyndhurst Road, Worthing – flooding approx one metre of affecting basement and lift shaft. Water pumped and salvage undertaken

Sunday, June 10, 11.20pm to 03.34am:

South Terrace, Littlehampton seafront – number of basement flats have been flooded to a depth of up to four feet. A temporary rest centre has been set up in the Sportsdome at Littlehampton Swimming Centre for people evacuated

Monday, June 11, 3.29am to 5.13am:

Henfield Road, Small Dole – two houses affected by floodwater, water pumped and salvage carried out

Monday, June 11, 3.29am to 5.13am:

London Road, Ashington – Flooding, water pumped byfire service

Monday, June 11, 7.36am to 11.17am:

Joinery workshop, The Pike, Washington – severe flooding to workshop pumped by fire service

Monday, June 11, 8.24am to 9.59am:

Basement Flat, Clifton Road, Littlehampton – one1 foot of water in flat, gas and electrics isolated

Monday, June 11, 8.37am to 11.20am:

Flat, Beach Road, Littlehampton – flooded basement of flat pumped by fire service

Monday, June 11, 8.42am to 9.51am:

House, St Catherines Road, Littlehampton – flood water in house

Monday, June 11, 9.23am to 11.21am:

Flats, New Road, Littlehampton – flood water pumped from basement