Five chosen for anniversary donations

FIVE charities have been given donations from Yorkshire Building Society following nominations in the Shoreham branch.

Customers using the agency at Giles Smith Independent Financial Services, in High Street, were asked who they would like to receive the money from the society’s Charitable Foundation.

Donations of £100 per charity were made to celebrate the society’s 150th anniversary, with a total of £150,000 being given away as part of the annual Make a Difference Week.

The West Sussex charities to benefit were Smile Support and Care, Rockinghorse, Your Space Your Time, St Barnabas House hospice and Contact the Elderly.

Darren Giles, owner of Giles Smith Independent Financial Services, said: “Our annual Make a Difference campaign is always very popular, but this year we’ve been able to support more charities than ever before thanks to the Charitable Foundation’s generous donation to mark the society’s 150th anniversary.

“I’m delighted that five worthwhile causes in our area are part of the hundreds of local charities the society is supporting throughout the UK and I’m sure the money will be used to make a positive difference in our community.”

Make a Difference Week is made possible by the society’s Small Change, Big Difference scheme, which enables members to donate the pennies from their annual interest on their savings and mortgages accounts each year to the Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation.