Fire service called to flooding incidents across Worthing and Adur

The fire service been called to a several flood-related calls across the area over the course of the morning as storms batter the coast (Monday, July 28).

They were first called to Orchard Road, Southwick, at 6.08am, where flood water was close to entering a property.



A drain outside the house was blocked, with inch-deep flood water pumped away by firefighters.

They left the scene at 7.54am.

A woman reported flooding in her second floor flat in Cross Street, Worthing, at 7.26am.

Julia Harris, whose daughter lives in the flat, said: “The water was pouring down like we were running a bath. It’s terrible.

“Everything’s ruined and my daughter’s not sure what she’s going to have to do.”

The fire service recorded the cause as a burst pipe.

The service was then called to Park Road, in Worthing, where a storm drain was overcome by flash flooding at 7.26am.

Water at Worthing Station underpass is also reported to be knee-deep, while many of the area’s roads are submerged.

A fire service spokeswoman said: “The area, particularly in Worthing, has been affected by flash floods. Journeys should only be made if absolutely necessary and if driving through flood water, do so slowly.”

Reporter Dan Cain’s partner, Natalie, captured the above video of the floods near Worthing Station, with water in the road lapping up against the bonnets of cars.

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