Final Rampion wind farm cable is being installed off East Worthing coast

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Work to install the second and final Rampion cable is underway off the coast of East Worthing by Brooklands.

A cable laying vessel and several floats have set been up between the coast and the wind farm as the western export cable is laid.

The eastern cable is already bringing power ashore from the 116 wind turbines.

An EON spokesman said: "Floats have been temporarily positioned from landfall at Brooklands out to the offshore substation to aid work as the cable is laid.

"The cable laying vessel will move south from the shore and the equipment will be taken away from nearshore as soon as we can."

Both east and west export cables run from the offshore substation to landfall at Brooklands.

Earlier this month, the spokesman confirmed the wind farm remains on schedule to be completed and fully operational later this year.

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