Father and son rescued from fishing boat off the coast of Littlehampton

Emergency crews rallied to rescue a father and son from a fishing boat off the coast of Littlehampton.

Thursday, 1st July 2021, 4:50 pm
Updated Thursday, 1st July 2021, 5:12 pm

Littlehampton RNLI said its crew were alerted by HM Coastguard to the pair near Kingmere Rocks at 1.13pm on Wednesday (June 30).

The father, who was diabetic and recovering from a recent heart attack. was in need of urgent medical help, it said, and the boat’s engine had failed.

A spokesman added: “He needed to return to shore urgently to take his medication as he was feeling unwell.

Renee Sherman afloat in Littlehampton Harbour. Picture: RNLI/Beth Brooks
Renee Sherman afloat in Littlehampton Harbour. Picture: RNLI/Beth Brooks

“He boarded Renee Sherman and was taken to Littlehampton Harbour where the lifeboat was met by a member of Littlehampton RNLI’s shore crew.”

Thanks to the assistance of Littlehampton Ferry, the father and shore crew members were escorted to Littlehampton Marina, where the father took his medication and immediately felt better.

Meanwhile, the crew of Renee Sherman returned to the fishing boat. As the boat had an electrical fault and its engine would not start, the crew decided that undertaking a tow was necessary and the safest way to assist the boat’s remaining occupant.

The boat was then towed back to the nearest safe and suitable port – Littlehampton Harbour – arriving at 3.48pm.

Jon Prater, deputy launching authority at Littlehampton RNLI, said: “Everyone at Littlehampton RNLI is very pleased we were able to be of service and are delighted that the casualty is feeling better.

“We protect those in need of help on an 11-mile stretch of the channel between Bognor Regis and Worthing.

“The entire team is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“When our pagers go off, we drop everything to help a member of our local community facing trouble at sea.”