Fairtrade Fortnight is focusing on cocoa products

Examples of Fairtrade chocolate sold by Oxfam
Examples of Fairtrade chocolate sold by Oxfam

COCOA is the emphasis for this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight, which launched on Monday.

Adur Fairtrade Group is getting involved to raise awareness of the campaign to bring Fairtrade values and products to the public, while influencing business and government practice.

Committee member Alan Pymer said: “For more than 20 years, Fairtrade has been paving the way for farmers and workers in some of the poorest countries to receive a fair deal for their produce, such as cocoa, coffee, tea, sugar and bananas.

“This year, the emphasise is on cocoa, which most of us enjoy as a drink or in a variety of chocolate bars. Now, the majority of the big food outlets sell Fairtrade cocoa products. Buying Fairtrade choclate products will greatly help many poor farmers and their families receive a fair price for the food they produce.”

As well as promoting food and other products, Fairtrade is also promoting Fairtrade gold. The campaign, I DO, encouraging couples to buy Fairtrade wedding rings, was launched last month from the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Mr Pymer explained: “Fairtrade gives strict working standards for all who work in the industry and for the miners to receive a fair price for the gold they mine.”

Visit www.fairtrade.org.uk/IDO to find out more about Fairtrade gold wedding rings and other gold jewellery.