Exhibition explores history of grammar school

Steyning Museum curator Chris Todd
Steyning Museum curator Chris Todd

AN EXHIBITION is being held at Steyning Museum to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Steyning Grammar School, and is running until the end of August.

Curator Chris Todd said: “Steyning Grammar School was endowed 400 years ago this year.

“The School had high ambitions and taught the classics but it was not the only school in the town and, for much of the 400-year time span, it was not even the largest.

“Starting with the founding document which required the pupils to pay one penny a quarter towards the cost of ‘rods’ with which they themselves might be beaten, the exhibition weaves together the stories of the various schools with the help of uniforms, photographs, documents, past homework and objects.

“Whether you attended the original grammar school, the secondary modern or the comprehensive, you will find things which jog the memory.

“It has been great fun to put this story together – but not always easy.

“It was surprisingly difficult, for instance, to find a blackboard rubber for the display.

“From being something which every classroom had, it is now a rarity.”