A27 clean up campaign launched by residents ‘sick’ of ‘appalling’ roadside litter

A group of Sussex residents has come together to highlight the issue of roadside litter and debris discarded along the A27.

Thursday, 28th March 2019, 4:25 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th March 2019, 4:46 pm
A27 Clean up campaign group

The group, which calls itself The A27 Clean Up Campaign, is committed to working with partners to decrease and remove the volume of rubbish currently blighting this national trunk road.

Founding member, Milly Manley said: “The state of the A27 roadside is appalling and an eyesore to everyone who travels along it.

“The amount of plastic and general rubbish is a threat to the local wildlife, a threat to the environment and its ungainly appearance could also play a part in jeopardising tourism.

Rubbish and cones on A27

“Who wants to come and visit a rubbish tip?

“We put the group together to help rectify the situation and are launching a region-wide campaign to tackle, and deal with, the extent of litter and debris carelessly discarded along this important and busy route.

“However, with so many bodies and parties involved, it is a delicate path to navigate.

“The A27, a main Highways England trunk road, runs from Eastbourne in the east to Wiltshire in the west, through the South Downs National Park.

A27 Clean up campaign logo

“It incorporates a number of different local authority areas each with a statutory duty to keep their sections of the busy route clear of litter and rubbish.

“So, to get the campaign underway, the Clean Up group is going to try to work closely with local authorities, county councils, highways contractors and central government to achieve lasting results.”

The group already has links with the Tidy Up Team at Brighton & Hove City Council, Litter Free Lewes, the Kingston Action Group, Brighter Uckfield and Brighter Crowborough who are all working towards the same goal.

It is hoped having a united objective and activity will create a broader appeal for action and raise awareness to a wider audience.

Debris on A27

Another member of the Clean Up group, Neil Kerridge, said: “Residents are sickened by the amount of litter and plastic material that is becoming embedded in our roadside verges over long stretches of the A27.

“Whilst we are not recommending others take to litter picking on busy stretches of road, we strongly believe something has to be done urgently to stop the litter becoming a source of wider environmental pollution.

“We fully support Clean Highways, a national organisation which has been campaigning to get Highways England to take over the full responsibility for the A27 end to end including litter removal.

Milly added that the Clean Up group was open to anyone who wanted ‘to help make a difference and do something about the mess, untidiness and potentially hazardous situation’.

A27 Clean up campaign

“We also hope that local businesses, sports facilities, educational establishments, the tourism industry and other interested parties will join us in the call for action,” she said.

To find out more about The A27 Clean Up Campaign or display one of the group’s ‘Make Sussex Glitter – Clean Up the Litter’ car stickers, contact the group via its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/A27-Clean-Up-Campaign or email: [email protected]