Election 2015: Meet your East Worthing and Shoreham candidates

Election 2015
Election 2015

In the first of the Herald’s ‘meet the candidates’ features, those vying for the East Worthing and Shoreham parliamentary seat on May 7 have their say on why they think they deserve your vote:

James Doyle - Green

The Green Party offers hope for the future. We believe in investing in our country, our economy and our children.

We want to build homes that young people can afford to buy, let everyone earn a living wage, not just a minimum wage, provide energy that is clean and affordable, tax progressively so those who can afford it pay more, and make bankers pay for their mistakes.

I believe that austerity economics have failed.

Our economy is ten to 15 per cent smaller than if this Government hadn’t slashed our services, cutting the NHS, police force, and care services.

I want to see railways returned to public ownership and control over planning given to residents, not developers.

I live in this constituency and care deeply about the people that I share this community with.

I will work for you, not vote against your interests when my party tells me to. I will never break my promises to you and could never be a member of a party that broke promises.

For 20 years on Worthing Borough Council I have fought for a better environment, better transport, better housing and a better local economy; help me carry that fight to Westminster.

Mike Glennon - UKIP

One thing’s for sure, I never set out to be a politician – despite lecturing on the subject.

What drew me in was a feeling of utter desperation with the Westminster elites, who seem oblivious to the concerns of residents.

I am just a member of the community – not a career politician. 

If we do not take politics into our own hands, we will continue to be at the mercy of those elites, who set out to rule us, rather than serve us. 

My career split neatly into two halves – 16 years in financial marketing and economic development and 16 years in teaching, mainly accounting and politics. 

Currently retired, I dedicate myself to my role as West Sussex county councillor and leader of the UKIP group – the main opposition.

Now, my aim is to become MP for East Worthing and Shoreham. 

In 2013, UKIP took the highest vote share here and in the European elections we increased our lead further, taking 36 per cent of the vote, beating the Tories’ 29 per cent. 

All I ask is that people hold faith in what UKIP stands for and vote according to their conscience – then we’ll be another step closer to British independence.

Tim Loughton - Conservative

It has been a pleasure and privilege to represent the people of Adur and Worthing as your MP but there’s still lots to do.

Those of you who know me will know that my hectic constituency work is my priority. A good MP should be accessible and in touch with local people and that’s why my popular Saturday street surgeries, newsletters and community activities are an essential part of my work.

As the biggest local issue, I am determined to see through the crucial improvements to the A27 recently announced by this Government after years of lobbying.

We must also bring the regeneration seen in Shoreham to Lancing village and Southwick Square and I want to ensure the economic upturn improves the lives of as many as possible in Worthing and Sompting too.

Key to all this is keeping the economic recovery on track. Only with a strong economy can we keep Worthing Hospital one of the best and safest in the country and continue expanding our precious NHS.

As a Conservative I have always believed we should trust people which is why I fought for an EU referendum.

I hope I have earned your trust to continue the job.

Tim Macpherson - Labour

I am a committed conservationist and work for anglers as a director of the Angling Trust.

I have lived in Sussex most of my life and am married with three children.

As Labour’s MP for East Worthing and Shoreham I will fight for the majority of people who have seen prices rising much faster than wages. Rents have rocketed and there aren’t enough affordable houses. People deserve better.

I will fight for a living wage for everyone delivering public services; that’s at least £7.85 an hour for workers in the health service, nursing homes, schools and councils.

And Labour will change the rules so nobody is forced onto a zero-hours contract.

I know what small businesses need to grow and I want to help create the right environment for businesses and jobs. I spent 15 years as a company director of major publishing companies and I am currently a digital publisher and film-maker.

Only Labour will safeguard the NHS as a properly-funded public service free at the point of use. We managed to stop them selling off local musculoskeletal (MSK) services with a fantastic community campaign.

Don’t let the Tories get their hands on the NHS again.

Bob Smytherman - Liberal Democrats

Having been election agent for the Liberal Democrats for the last few general elections I thought it was time I stood myself following the success of our party in coalition, putting aside party differences for the sake of the country to deliver a strong, stable Government anchored in the centred-ground.

I have been a local councillor since 2002 and West Sussex County councillor for Tarring.

I am a governor of Alternative Provision College, a trustee of Coastal West Sussex Mind and a member of Guild Care.

I was born in Lancing and moved to Worthing in the 1990’s where I still live today.

As mayor I carried out a record number of civic duties and became known as the people’s mayor, with my friendly approachable manner.

In 2014 I was asked to take part in the Worthing Community Play and was given the role of the town crier, which I offered to continue.

I look forward to the next challenge of representing the area and being part of the next coalition Government, delivering a strong economy but doing so fairly, supporting those on lower and middle incomes. Those with the broadest shoulders should pay their fair share in taxes.

Carl Walker - National Health Action

I led the campaign to stop Worthing Hospital A&E coming under threat, due to the private sell-off of services.

I believe our health is the one aspect of our lives that deserves to be beyond the urge toward self-interest and profit.

The NHA Party has been formed by doctors, nurses, paramedics and ordinary people who’ve come together to defend and improve the NHS.

We launched the party in 2012 because we were so concerned by the Government forcing through a multi-billion pound NHS privatisation that no one wanted.

The impact is clear – funding cuts, closures, increased A&E waiting times, difficulties getting GP appointments, creeping privatisation and billions of pounds wasted on bureaucracy.

So many people have lost faith in the main parties and the career politicians who no longer represent them.

I want to provide people with a chance to vote for a local person to fight for and defend their hospitals and health services, rather than see them sold off.

I grew up in Shoreham and live in Worthing with my wife, Ruth and children, Anna and Andrew. I lecture at the University of Brighton and have worked in community mental health for the last ten years.

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