‘Shoreham people are always very kind’

Students chatting to people in East Street, Shoreham
Students chatting to people in East Street, Shoreham

The people of Shoreham have been warmly thanked for the help they give to foreign students.

English Language Homestays welcomes students aged from 12 to 17 to the area and provides activities to help them improve their English speaking, reading and writing skills.

Managing director Jackie Verrall said: “We welcome foreign students to Shoreham and the surrounding areas - Lancing, Shoreham Beach, Southwick, Hove, Steyning and Storrington - for about ten months of the year.

“A lot of the foreign students are school groups who come and have lessons at our school in Shoreham High Street. Because part of our remit is to give them lots of conversation practice, we always send them out and about in the town asking questions of local residents.

“The students think its great fun and the Shoreham people are always very kind and take part in their questionnaires and help them with their answers.

“Not once has anyone refused to help them, which really encourages the foreign students to practise their English and shows what a great bunch of people Shoreham folk are.

“So just a huge thank you from us to them, and if they wish to know more about what happens when the questions come back to the classroom, follow the blog.”