International students mark exam success

Steyning Grammar School's IB students
Steyning Grammar School's IB students

RECORD-BREAKING high-achievers have a lot to celebrate.

Twenty Steyning Grammar School boarding students have passed their International Baccalaureate (IB), with an average point score of 31.28 out of 45, compared to the worldwide average of 29.83.

Danielle Cook, IB co-ordinator, at the school, said: “I am immensely proud of this group of highly-motivated young people.

“They have embraced all aspects of the diploma and what they have achieved in the past two years goes far beyond a collection of grades.

“They have excelled in so many areas and developed into ambitious learners with a unique set of skills ready to enter a global world.”

Stefanie Theissing achieved the school’s first bilingual diploma, and top scoring students Lia Duriez and Antoine Vagneur-Jones both scored 39 points, the highest Steyning has ever seen.

Antoine has a place to read international relations at the London School of Economics and Lia, already fluent in English, French and Farsi, is planning on taking a gap year to reach fluency in Spanish, and begin learning Mandarin Chinese before starting university in 2013.

Director of the sixth form college, Sally Randall, said: “I am delighted with the pleasing results, with sixteen of the higher/standard subject areas attaining results above the world average.

“Students have worked with commitment, embracing all aspects of the IB learner profile over the last two years.”

Head teacher Chris Taylor added his praise.

“I wish to personally congratulate each and every one of our IB students.

“They have worked extremely hard and I feel proud once again to be associated with such positive, independent and engaged learners,” he said.