Dog walkers raise over £500 for RSPCA Preston

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A sponsored dog walk has raised more than £500 to help RSPCA Preston with its funding difficulties.

Organised by Rachael Johnson, founder of local dog walking company Chorley Walkies, the event saw a team of walkers take on the 17-mile trek between Chorley and Darwen on January 27th.

Of the 40 people that started the journey, 20 made it to the end, clocking up a respectable time of 8.5 hours.

Commenting on the event, Ms Johnson branded it a "great success".

"We did really well and hopefully raised a lot of much needed money for the poor doggies at the RSPCA Preston," she said on the group's Facebook page.

Ms Johnson went on to congratulate all who took part, despite the recent raft of snowfall, and claimed the walk up the Great Hill on the final leg of the journey was the worst part of the trek.

The walk proved so popular that a stray dog, Oscar, decided to accompany the team on the home journey through Darwen Moor, although he was later picked up by his owner in Chorley.

Founded 126 years ago, RSPCA Preston is the city's only animal rescue centre and faces closure within two months if it is unable to resolve its funding difficulties.

Members of the public interested in donating to the charity can do so directly via its website or through the Chorley Walkers' Just Giving page.