Dog of the week: Dudley

DUDLEY has led an outdoor kennel life as a breeding dog, so will need plenty of time and support to settle into an indoor home life.

The three-year-old male Beagle will approach for a gentle fuss but is clearly not used to being handled by people, so new relationships will need to be built at a gradual pace.

Three-year-old male Dudley is a typical Beagle

Three-year-old male Dudley is a typical Beagle

A calm home where residents are aged over 16 is needed.

Dogs Trust said: “He has always been surrounded by other dogs and gains confidence from them, for this reason he is looking for a home with a friendly dog. Dudley’s doggy pal will be responsible for showing him how fun going out and about can be.

“He struggles to go for walks and is nervous around traffic so quiet walks are a must for him.

“He is a typical Beagle in many ways, he loves to sniff and roll around in the grass and enjoy tasty treats very much.”

Call the Shoreham rehoming centre on 01273 466970 to find out more.