Darts pro ‘The Horse’ was colourful character

Reg 'The Horse' Harding in his professional darts days
Reg 'The Horse' Harding in his professional darts days

PROFESSIONAL darts player and wrestler Reg Harding has died at the age of 68.

Mr Harding was born at Southlands Hospital in Shoreham in 1945 and brought up by his widowed mother in Manor Hall Road, Southwick, as one of ten children.

His brother, Ron Harding, was the youngest, two years younger than Reg.

He said they went Southwick Primary School, then Middle Road School in Shoreham, but Reg moved to Lewes about 40 years ago.

Reg was a professional darts player from the 1990s, competing on the ProTour until 2006. Ron said he developed Parkinson’s, which affected his game.

He died from stomach cancer on August 11 and the funeral will take place at Lewes Cemetery tomorrow at 2.30pm.

His son, Reg Harding junior, said many people knew his father because of darts but there was so much more to him.

“He was such an amazing man. We did our best looking after him at home, and he really did try and fight this with all the strength he had in him, right to the end.”

His father had been ‘unbelievably brave and strong’, he added, and his legend would live on.

Reg, nicknamed The Horse, was known in the darts world as a colourful character. He had success at national level and his televised debut came in 1995 at the UK Matchplay. His most memorable television match was in 1999 against Phil Taylor at the Winter Gardens.

Reg was also a wrestler in his younger days.