UPDATE: Smash and grab taxi thefts stop following newspaper appeal

A series of smash and grab thefts from Worthing taxis has apparently stopped following a public appeal by the Herald.

Friday, 27th October 2017, 3:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 11:33 am
Worthing Taxis Gennaro and Philippa Higgins with the rock used to smash into her cab

Earlier this month cab drivers were targeted in a string of break-ins, with rocks thrown through windows.

While the value to the criminals was small, the cost to the drivers from these ‘smash and grab’ was substantial, Gennaro Di Chello, whose family owns Arrow Taxi Group, said.

But fortunately since an article appeared in the Herald about it the thefts seem to have stopped.

One of the taxis targeted by thieves during the spree elOdj-gvk21TGTGjCxAN

Gennaro said: “Our public approach has made them think twice.

“Obviously word got out – it did the job.”

Philippa Higgins, a driver for Arrow Taxis, had her cab broken into on Thursday, October 12.

She said: “I went to unlock my car and saw the window was all smashed.

One of the taxis targeted by thieves during the spree elOdj-gvk21TGTGjCxAN

“Nobody in their right mind leaves much in their car anymore.

“[The stolen money] can give them a couple of drinks or whatever but it is costing us a lot more.”

Philippa said she paid £365 to repair the damage, but the true cost to her is far higher.

The break-in left her unable to work for two days while her car was repaired, and many of her licensing documents stolen by the thieves had to be replaced.

Gennaro said that the sheer number of break-ins – at least six in a week – meant this was certainly out of the ordinary.

He said: “You get the individual one-off, but when you have six in a week you feel they are actually targeting you.”

But since the article appeared on our website on Friday, October 13, there has only been one more of the thefts reported – the following day.

Staff at Arrow Taxi Group hope the thieves do not return.