Two caught illegally metal detecting at Shoreham Fort

Two people have been caught metal detecting at the historic Shoreham Fort.

Thursday, 19th September 2019, 10:33 am

The pair were spotted at the site on Saturday, September 14, according to the latest Sussex Countrywatch bulletin.

A spokesman said: “The persons were approached and they admitted what they were doing.

“They were informed that that they were breaking the law as Shoreham Fort is a scheduled ancient monument and to metal detect on such premises the requires written permission from Historic England/Secretary of State.

Shoreham Fort is a scheduled ancient monument. Picture: Google
Shoreham Fort is a scheduled ancient monument. Picture: Google

“They apologised and said that they were unaware and left the site.

“Metal detectorists are reminded of the law. If members of the public witness such activities please try, without putting yourself in any danger, to get photographs and report it to police.”

Sussex Countrywatch is a partnership involving Sussex Police, the fire and rescue service, the National Farmers Union and the Angling Trust, which aims to connect people in rural areas to create communities that share information, develop communication networks and work with the police with the intention of reducing rural crime.