Train delays due to points failure between Worthing and Angmering

Rail news
Rail news

There are train delays this afternoon due to a points failure between Worthing and Angmering.

At 11.30am today, Southern Rail was told about a points failure affecting the junction to the west of West Worthing station. Points are movable sections of track which switch trains between different routes at junctions.

These points direct trains onto the route towards Angmering, and these services then continue on routes via Barnham or towards Littlehampton. The same points also control the movements of trains which terminate at West Worthing and then perform a shunting manoeuvre to return to the eastbound line, according to the Southern Rail website.

Network Rail staff were already on site and have undertaken initial diagnostic works.

The points have now been manually fixed so that trains can run between Worthing and Angmering. But this means that shuttle services between Brighton and West Worthing will not be able to turn around at West Worthing, and will therefore be amended or cancelled.

In addition to this, train drivers in the West Worthing area will need to seek verbal guidance from the signallers in order to proceed. This is because the manual use of the points will prevent the signals from automatically indicating that drivers can proceed.

Disruptions between Worthing and Angmering are expected until 3pm. Trains between Worthing and Angmering may be cancelled, delayed or diverted via Horsham.