Sussex PCC's video log: Snap poll on Sussex Police funding

Sussex PCC Katy Bourne.
Sussex PCC Katy Bourne.

Last Wednesday (22 January) PCC Katy Bourne welcomed the biggest funding boost for policing in a decade after the Government announced a £1.1billion increase.

This means that Mrs Bourne is now in a position to consult with residents on how much they contribute locally to Sussex Police.

She has launched a snap survey today to find out how the public would feel about a proposed average increase of 20p a week, equating to an extra £10 a year, per household.

Now is your chance to have your say. It takes just 30 seconds to complete:

The survey closes at midday on Thursday 30 January 2020.

Mrs Bourne said: “The overall amount of funding available for policing could be as much as £15.2bn, if all PCCs take advantage of the £10 precept flexibility. We need to focus on bringing crime down so this settlement means that PCCs can invest more into policing to tackle crime and keeping our communities safe.

“The Government quite clearly remains committed to its pledge to recruit an additional 20,000 officers - with funding for 6,000 officers by March next year included in this year’s grant.

“Residents continue to tell me they support paying more to strengthen local policing and for tougher enforcement against criminals.

“Thanks to increased levels of precept contributions, Sussex Police will have 100 extra PCSOs by March this year and 50 more specialist staff. It is also on target to recruit 250 additional police officers by 2023.

“Now we know how much funding Sussex Police is getting from Government, we know how much I need to ask for in the precept from households in the county.

“I am launching a snap survey on a proposed increase of 20 pence a week, which equates to an extra £10 a year, per household. This is a chance for residents to add their voice to the views I have already collected over the past year.”