Mother’s fury after stranger punches her 11-year-old son

Annoyed mother Ali Cooper with her 11-year-old son Glen. Picture: Steve Robards
Annoyed mother Ali Cooper with her 11-year-old son Glen. Picture: Steve Robards

A Worthing mother is furious after a stranger punched her 11-year-old son into the road.

According to his mother Ali, Glen Cooper was cycling along the pavement in Tarring Road last Monday, May 1, when he was knocked down.

Ali, who lives in Alston Way in Durrington, said: “It’s quite busy on the road so I ask him to use the pavement.

“This old lady took offence and punched him, knocked him off his bike.

“He came off his bike and fell in the road in front of a car,” Ali, 37, added.

Luckily the car managed to stop in time, and Glen was able to get away safely.

Ali said he told her about it as soon as he got home.

She added: “I was shocked and annoyed to be honest.

“We’ve certainly never had anything like this before.”

Ali says it came out of nowhere, with the unknown woman saying nothing before striking Glen.

“She just walloped him one and carried on.

“You can’t go around hitting people’s children.”

Glen cycles along Tarring Road on his way to school in East Worthing.

Ali asks him to ride on the pavement as the road gets thin from lots of parked cars.

But Glen has not let the incident dampen his spirits.

“He picked himself up and got back on his bike. He’s one of these kids that would brush it off, quite good with things like that.”

Ali says there has been a strong reaction on social media to what happened.

While people agree hitting Glen was unacceptable, some have questioned where he was riding his bicycle.

Ali said: “A few were saying that he shouldn’t have been riding on that pavement.”

Cycling on the pavement is technically illegal, but former Home Office minister Paul Boateng MP said the law ‘is not aimed at responsible cyclists who sometimes feel obliged to use the pavement out of fear of traffic and who show consideration to other pavement users.’

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