Littlehampton councillors speak out against ‘shocking spate of vandalism’

Police news
Police news

Arun District Councillors have spoken out against a ‘shocking spate of vandalism’ in a Littlehampton road.

On Monday, August 5, councillors James Walsh, Dan Purchese and Billy and Chris Blanchard-Cooper issued a joint statement which said: “It is shocking that a spate of vandalism, including smashed car windscreens in and around Thames Close last night, has spread the mindless and destructive anti-social behaviour into a normally quiet neighbourhood”.

Dr Walsh, council leader, said: “We have repeatedly said that the absence of visible policing patrols, either on foot or by car, is allowing, and even encouraging, this sort of increasing vandalism.

“The Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable now seem to accept it as a regular part of life, but residents want something done now.”

Billy Blanchard-Cooper, who is a former mayor of Littlehampton, said: “Enough is enough, and now that the new Prime Minister has promised 20,000 extra police, we demand that Littlehampton gets its fair extra share to restore proper and effective neighbourhood policing.”

Mr Purchese said: “Residents pay a policing tax, and have a right to expect a visible and deterrent police presence on their streets.”

Chris Blanchard-Cooper said: “As each year goes by the problem gets worse, and it is time the police take the problem seriously. Residents should also be extra vigilant and report any suspicious or anti-social behaviour”.

Sussex Police has been approached for comment.