Enormous ‘Life’s a Beach’ mural brightens up Lancing seafront

Lancing seafront has received a welcome splash of colour from an enormous mural painted by a local artist.

Friday, 8th January 2021, 3:45 pm

Worthing’s Luke Henley earns his living as a financial advisor, but working under the pseudonym Wooze he paints murals and street art along the south coast.

The 29-year-old’s latest creation is a 34ft ‘Life’s a Beach’ artwork opposite The Perch on Lancing seafront, daubed on the rear wall of the Setyres garage.

“I was standing outside the Perch one day before Christmas looking at this drab wall, but with hundreds of people going for walks along the seafront it seemed like a good are to try and get a positive vibe,” said Luke, who lives in Marlow Road with his wife Megan and their two-year-old son, Oscar.

Luke Henley with his mural in front of the Perch in Lancing SUS-210701-142338001

“I wanted to create something bold, colourful and multi-layered for people to enjoy as they go along the seafront.”

Luke worked for four days between Christmas and New Year spray-painting the pop art design, which features a woman peeping through a tear in the canvas.

He said the feedback during the project had been overwhelmingly positive, with people stopping to take selfies and steady his ladder as he worked.

Setyres had also welcomed the opportunity to have the ‘drab wall’ brightened up, he added.

Luke Henley with his mural in front of the Perch in Lancing SUS-210701-142633001

An abundance of spare time brought on by the first national lockdown has allowed Luke to pursue his passion for art, converting a workshop in his garden into a studio.

Over the last few months he has worked with Worthing’s popular street artist Horace to paint murals at Teville Gate and has also created artwork in Kemptown in Brighton.

The Lancing project is his largest so far, measuring around 34ft by 12ft and all hand spray-painted by Luke himself.

It has already helped to boost his profile, he said, with offers of work coming in through his Instagram page @Iamwooze.

Working with Horace, labelled Worthing’s Banksy for his recognisable street artworks around the town, Luke said the plan is to host a street art festival in Worthing this year.

It follows the creation of the UK’s biggest street mural in the pedestrianised Portland Road, also the handiwork of Horace.