COUNTY NEWS: Baby girl born in hospital car park

A mother ended up giving birth to her baby daughter in a Sussex hospital's car park on Sunday (April 15).

Friday, 20th April 2018, 12:00 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 6:44 am
Ben Deeprose and Zoe Pym pictured with Kaya-Rae and Freddie. SUS-180419-104526001

Zoe Pym, 25, had to be rushed to hospital by her family after her waters broke at home.

Baby Kaya-Rae started making an appearance en route to the Conquest Hospital in St Leonards.

She was delivered in the car by Zoe’s mum.

Zoe’s partner, Ben Deeprose, 36, of Reginald Road, Bexhill, said: “On Sunday Zoe had just got out the bath when her waters broke so we rang the Conquest to let them know we were coming.

“When she arrived at the hospital she was put on a contraction monitor and blood pressure check.

“But half an hour later we were sent home as the contractions were not happening close enough.

“After an hour and a half at home Zoe’s contractions started getting very much more frequent so I rang the hospital again to say we were returning.

“At this point my partner was screaming, saying she was about to have the baby. My mother-in-law came to take us back to the hospital and we had to physically lift Zoe off the sofa into the car.

“We went as fast as we could and as we went past Bexhill fire station Zoe was screaming that the baby’s head was coming out.

“We were trying to keep her as calm as possible. I was in absolute shock and phoned the hospital again, saying midwives needed to meet us at the door.”

When the family arrived at the Conquest, Ben rushed inside to summon midwives.

He added: “I was gone no more than three minutes. When I came running back my mother-in-law was crying and screaming, saying she had delivered the baby.

“There was no sound from the baby and she was very blue. The midwives cut the cord in the car.

“The baby was rushed into hospital and we were all scared as hell.

“My partner lost a litre of blood and was stitched up and put on a drip. It was the scariest moment of my life.”

Ben said his baby daughter was originally due on April 12 and that his partner was coincidentally expected to be induced on Sunday at the Conquest.

Thankfully, baby Kaya-Rae was born a healthy 7lb and 3oz and after spending the night at the Conquest is now back at home with her two brothers and family.