Councils are blamed for delays to revamp

  • Delays to Ferry Road and Lower Beach Road car park branded unacceptable
  • Slipway and hard must be protected as condition of approval
  • Zebra crossing safety called into question

TWO councils have come under heavy criticism for the handling of a road revamp on Shoreham Beach.

The final piece in the puzzle, a Traffic Regulation Order for Ferry Road, was approved at Adur County Local Committee last Wednesday.

Neither Adur District Council or West Sussex County Council has covered themselves in glory when bringing this project forward

Janet Mockridge, committee chairman

But the compromise scheme, which will see the zebra crossing moved and changes to the parking arrangements, still came under fire.

Chairman Janet Mockridge said: “In an attempt to persuade pedestrians to walk past the shops, a scheme has been devised that takes pedestrians diagonally across the site instead of directly to the pedestrian crossing.

“This has resulted in pedestrians now being encouraged to cross the major road at a point that the police think is dangerous.”

She said it would cost £50,000 to move the existing crossing and asked whether the existing crossing could be retained, as well as the new one, to give pedestrians a choice of where to cross.

James Appleton, Adur District Council’s head of growth, said the whole scheme was a partnership project to improve the landing point of Adur Ferry Bridge, across Lower Beach Road car park, leading to an enhancement scheme in front of the Ferry Road shops. He stressed the principles had been set out long ago, in the Shoreham Rennaissance Document, which was approved in 2006.

Since then there have been delays cause by confusion, lack of information and a plea to retain parking spaces outside some of the shops.

Mrs Mockridge said: “Neither Adur District Council or West Sussex County Council has covered themselves in glory when bringing this project forward.

“This project should have been ready to go with all the permissions in place two years ago, so that when the bridge was finished we could have been seamless with remodelling the car park.

“If a more sensible approach to this scheme had been taken, this conflict between traffic and pedestrians would have been avoided.

“This has taken so long that I am loathe to send it back and say do it properly this time.”

Modifications were also made to protect access to the slipway and hard and Mrs Mockridge said consent was being given on condition that this was retained.