Council website earns four stars

The councils' website,
The councils' website,

ADUR and Worthing councils’ website has received the highest rating for the third year in a row.

The Society for Information Technology Management’s Better Connected 2015 report rates council websites using a star system.

Adur and Worthing were awarded four stars, scoring highly for clarity of information and usability across the whole site, including the mobile version.

Neil Parkin, Adur Council leader, said: “Superb news, especially when considering the praise that was heaped on our ‘Register to vote’ pages. This can be a complex area but the web team have excelled in making it customer focused and easy to use.

“The addition of the improved mobile version of the website has helped our communities access our information and online services in ways, at times and in places which best suit them.”

In the annual survey, the society said ‘this is what good looks like’ when describing the councils’ website