Council - ‘no parking tickets for travellers’

PARKING wardens’ safety will not be put at risk by asking them to issue parking tickets on illegal traveller encampments, according to the council.

The recent illegal encampment at the Albion Road lorry park in Southwick caused some, including Adur District Council leader Neil Parkin, to ask why the vehicles were not being given penalty charge notices.

A council spokesman said civil enforcement officers would not be sent onto the site for fear of causing a confrontation requiring police involvement.

He also said police had refused to attend Albion Road to allow wardens to issue penalty charge notices.

Barry Hancock of the Driveway, Shoreham, wrote to the West Sussex County Council and said he was shocked by the its response.

“We cannot allow a situation where there is one law for one group of individuals and another law for a different group,” he said.

In the email to West Sussex County Council, Mr Hancock wrote: “If that was me in my vehicle, you would be there to issue me with a ticket.”