Council alert over a potential damp scam

Police warning about cold callers
Police warning about cold callers

A POSSIBLE scam in Shoreham has been reported to police.

Adur District Council put out a service alert on Thursday stating: “We have heard of a report from a resident that they were recently cold called by a company called Century stating they are checking the damp in the loft.

“The resident was told it was an emergency and it was suggested that court action would occur if he did not let him in.

“The police were called after the visit and logged with them.

“Please spread this message to people you may know who might be vulnerable to letting in a stranger to their home. This is often how distraction burglaries are carried out.”

Sussex Police said, as with all cold callers on the doorstep, residents were advised not to agree to anything that was put to them in a phone cold call.

“If the caller has the address, tell them to put it in writing. If they do not have the address, do not give it to them, ring off and report the call to local authority Trading Standards or the police.”

Email or call 01243 642124 for a ‘No cold calling’ pack.