Community groups miss out on £9,000

THOUSANDS of pounds of community funding were left unclaimed following the latest round of grant applications in Adur.

More than £9,000 was left in the pot after organisations from across the region were awarded funding for a range of projects at the latest Adur County Local Committee meeting on Thursday.

The leftover cash will now be put toward Operation Watershed, a county-wide anti-flooding initiative.

Chairman of Adur County Local Committee Cllr Janet Mockridge said she was sure the situation could be rectified.

“We do advertise that these sums are available,” said Cllr Mockridge.

“We let local organisations know that funds are available, we let churches know.

“We get the message out there, but if people don’t put in applications we can’t give them the money.”

In previous years, the committee has had more applications than it has had money to give out, but the last two years have seen a drop in the number of groups applying for grants.

Last year, £1,543.61 in surplus money was donated to food banks.

Cllr Mockridge said she believed the drop in applications was due to the relatively small amounts of money that were up for grabs.

She said quite a lot of big applications had gone to the Big Society Fund, for instance, the Fishersgate Centre, which was awarded £18,500 for new equipment.

But Cllr Mockridge assured the community that the funds would not be withdrawn simply because they were not being allocated.

“We will still have the same amounts to give out next year,” she said.

“Hopefully local organisations will make applications and we will be able to dish it out for the good of the local community.

“We are there for the local community and we will give support wherever we can.”

Members of the Adur County Local Committee agreed on Thursday to request that most of the £9,259.70 left over be spent on flood defences within Adur district.

“We will make an application to highways cabinet member Pieter Montyn and say we have allocated it to Operation Watershed but we would like it to be spent in Adur,” said Cllr Mockridge.

Seven groups were awarded funding at the meeting in Lancing Parish Hall.

Electric Storm Youth, a Lancing-based youth group, received £250 towards the cost of safeguarding training.

Shoreham Slipways Group received £300 towards establishing a web-presence for information purposes.

Blueprint 22, a group for 16 to 25-year-olds from Brighton to Littlehampton, was awarded £3,157.50 towards its Building Momentum project.

Both Lancing and Sompting basics bank, and Shoreham basics bank were granted £2,500 each for the modernisation of their storage and packing areas.

Whiterock Community Group won £5,000 towards the purchase and installation of wildflower turf, while Adur Voluntary Action secured £1,616 to help buy four new laptop computers.

The committee urged groups to apply for the next round of Community Initiative Funding.

Application forms can be requested by contacting or phoning 03302 228314.