COLUMNIST: Mike Mendoza on Adur’s high streets

I CANNOT help but laugh to myself when I read in various social media sites about what members of the public want and expect in their high streets.

I mentioned on one website that an international food chain wanted to open one of its fast food restaurants in the Shoreham area.

The response was quite amazing. Regardless of which organisation it is or was, surely this shows the strength of feeling and confidence by commerce towards our wonderful district.

We have seen several major players in the food industry wanting to expand outlets into the Shoreham area in particular and again the opposition by some members of the public is quite amazing.

I think back to the opposition to Tesco when they took over the Green Jacket pub.

Hundreds of people said they would boycott the establishment if Tesco went there.

As it so happens, that particular branch is one of the busiest in the South since opening. The boycott didn’t last very long.

I love the ‘list’ of trades requested by residents for the area.

Surely if there was a genuine demand, the companies who could supply these outlets would carry out some quite intense enquiries as to wether it was economically viable to open, as we recently witnessed when Lidl wanted to establish itself locally.

It’s not our money that is at risk when we say we want this trade or that trade in the area.

Most companies are held accountable by shareholders and directors; therefore they will be extremely cautious with their investments at this time of difficult trade.

I found the Adur Local Plan very interesting to read, all 217 pages of it.

I was concerned that listed under ‘flood defences’ there was a lot of talk about rain water, flooding of the A27, Mash Barn etc and, for me, not enough talk about tidal surges, extremely high tides etc as experienced by those people living along the A259 coast road at Shoreham and the High Street,

Plus, of course, houseboat residents and those living in the lower part of Ferry Road.

Flooding is a worry to all and as we head to the end of summer and move quickly towards winter, its all hands to the pump yet again... Well I hope not.