COLUMNIST: Dozy’s Rambles on Wild Life and Adur Ferry Bridge

Adur Ferry Bridge
Adur Ferry Bridge
  • Council tax decision is a ‘no-brainer’
  • Festival consultation questioned
  • Vandalism on bridge update

THE past six months have flown by.

In that time, I have given up my position as a councillor on Adur District Council and concentrated on my ‘day job’ as a television presenter and journalist, plus of course writing this column each week.

My Adur and Worthing show on Latest TV finishes its first season at the end of March will be off air for a couple of months.

My newspaper review show, however, does continue with a constant flow of popular guests looking at the local news and national news in two separate shows. Herald reporter Simon Robb has already established himself as a popular reviewer on the show and I hope other Herald reporters will follow in his footsteps over the next few weeks.

I have recently been appointed as the main newsreader for the channel, plus we are now busy arranging and then broadcasting live the upcoming elections, both national and for Worthing Borough Council (there are no local elections in Adur).

Congratulations to Adur District Council for once again making a good decision for the residents by freezing the council tax.

Surely this is a perfect case of locking the stable doors after the horse has bolted?

Mike Mendoza, columnist

I believe in real terms this is in fact a reduction, in as much as last year, there was a one per cent reduction and this has now been maintained.

The comment by the UKIP member, reported in the Herald on February 26, was a little bit crazy, as all councils are in the same situation. Vote for a zero per cent increase and the Government will subsidise you, so that has to be a no-brainer.

In some councils around us, no such decision has been made, in fact it looks like the proposed 5.9 per cent increase proposed by Brighton and Hove City Council will have to be decided either by the Government or the community, if the various parties involved cannot reach a joint agreement.

Councillor Geoff Patmore (UKIP) was quite right to bring up his concerns with regards to the upcoming music festival at Shoreham Airport.

Mr Patmore had requested a registered vote to be held and this was refused. It is all very well that a consultation will be held with residents after the event, but surely this is a perfect case of locking the stable doors after the horse has bolted?

I am still amazed at how the glass on the Adur Ferry Bridge (footbridge still to many) has suddenly stopped breaking since the installation of decent CCTV cameras overlooking the bridge.

Isn’t it funny how all of a sudden the ‘imperfections’ in the glass have repaired themselves? I now feel quite justified in saying that the panels were smashed by vandals.

And now, folks, we have a ‘new’ piece of vandalism, reported in the Herald on February 26, only this time I am not sure that it is.

For some crazy reason it was decided to put sticky signs on the bridge, identifying it as ‘Adur Ferry Bridge’ together with a logo.

These signs have gradually started to come away from the glass and passers-by have kindly ‘trimmed’ the hanging off bits of plastic in order to save further damage from the elements.

This shows how public spirited the residents of Shoreham are. When the bridge scheme was coming to an end and the final bits and pieces needed to be put into place, I suggested that the logo and name be etched into the glass in case of vandalism, now once again I have been proven right.