COLUMNIST: Dozy’s Rambles on flooding, cats and fake drugs

Mike Mendoza investigates the effects of the freak flooding in December 2013
Mike Mendoza investigates the effects of the freak flooding in December 2013

WE are reliably informed that almost 9,000 properties in Shoreham, Sompting and Lancing are at risk from flooding, especially when rainfall combines with a high tide.

About two years ago, it was announced that £25million would be given to the Environment Agency for the Adur Tidal Walls Scheme, which is due to start next year to improve river defences and reduce flood risk in the area.

Smartie, the cat that was rescued by Mike Mendoza and his wife, Jennifer

Smartie, the cat that was rescued by Mike Mendoza and his wife, Jennifer

In the meantime the Flood-Wise Home event was held on Saturday at Ropetackle, showing householders and businesses practical ways of protecting their properties.

The 12 months have been lucky for most of Adur weather wise, we did not have the terrible floods that we experienced the year before.

The agency has identified the problem and we all know that certain areas around Shoreham are prone to flooding, so why are they waiting until 2016 to do anything about it? We are told the money was in place last year and, as always, local authorities and Government agencies sit around discussing the plans of the future without any urgency in what is a very distressing experience for residents caught up in these events.

I am a bit of a softy when it comes to animals, We always read about dogs, the Herald has Dog of the Week, etc., but very little is ever written about cats.

Cats can be as loving as dogs without the demands. If you are looking for a furry friend, you can’t go wrong by popping into the local Cats Protection people.

About 12 years ago, we acquired a lovely little terrified girl cat. She was about four years old at the time and had an awful life until we rescued her.

It’s amazing how terribly cruel some humans can be to animals. Our cat had cigarette burns all over her body and a broken jaw, where she had been kicked in the face. Since being with us, she has had a charmed life.

There are dozens of other cats in similar situations that are desperate for your help. You would be amazed as to how friendly and loving some cats can be when treated with love.

You could not have missed the awful story of a young girl who purchased ‘diet’ pills on the internet and died soon after taking them. Recently, several men from Brighton were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment for selling fake Viagra online. Both these cases involved pills that were laced with deadly ingredients. For example, the Viagra contained chalk from wallboards, the colour blue was printing ink and the pills were also laced with a drug used for treating animals.

With some pretty appalling waiting times to see a GP these days, it can be quite tempting to go online and purchase medication in order to get a quick fix. Hopefully, many who are tempted to go the ‘www’ way will think twice before putting their lives in danger.

Sussex Police has been condemned for producing a poster advising young women to look after each other.

The Greater Manchester Police, with no adverse reaction, produced a similar poster. So, why was Sussex forced to remove and apologise for their poster?

Many men and women thought it was a good idea to get friends to look out for each other after a night on the town. Why not? One argument is that it does not condemn those who commit rape. Surely, prevention is a far better way of going about things? Isn’t that one of the jobs of the police?

Of course, everyone will condemn a rapist, in some countries rape is a capital offence. Looking on the other side, maybe the police should have produced several posters, for example ‘NO means NO!’.