COLUMNIST: Dozy’s Rambles on carrier bags and Shoreham Beach

JUST how does someone on a fixed income, such as pensioners, etc., survive?

Right now I am totally against paying extra for the use of a bag when purchasing goods from a retailer.

Everyone now seems to be jumping on the bandwagon, even my own corner shop is demanding 5p for a plastic bag, despite the fact bags being offered are clearly ‘collected’ from other retailers.

Last week, I purchased almost £100 of goods from a DIY store, only to be charged 5p for a bag to put a few loose items in. I declined the kind offer of the bag, but felt that I was really being ripped off.

Many would argue that money from the bags is being donated to charity, well it’s not the money that concerns me, it’s the principle. If the money was going to charity, I would rather choose whom I want to donate to and I would certainly be donating a lot more than 5p!

The Government is now insisting that all retailers charge for bags from 2015. This must be a great bonus for retailers. Should the said retailers be disclosing exactly where their bag money is going?

The first major retailer to charge declared immediately it would be donating all profits of the bag sales to charity. I refuse to buy any of their bags, I always take an opposition retailer’s bag with me. Well, why should I pay to advertise their goods?

The reason for the bag sale is to save the Earth. Really? Just how will you and I paying 5p for a plastic bag save the Earth? It’s a bit like many years ago when we were told to eat all our food because children are starving in Africa. I am sure that by me eating all my meat and vegetables did not save one starving child.

Congratulations to the residents of Shoreham Beach, who are justifiably upset with West Sussex County Council over the Ferry Road and car park improvements due to an objection from a newly-elected councillor.

The entire improvement of the area would have been done and dusted by now if it wasn’t for this. People have been influenced by the handful who felt there wasn’t enough consultation on the project. Really, did they all have their heads in the sand?

At long last residents are prepared to stand up and be counted, not that anyone will take a blind bit of notice. But I wish them the very best of luck in their endeavours and hopefully ‘people power’ will be recognised.