COLUMNIST: Dozy’s Rambles further on carrier bags

Carrier bags cause controversy
Carrier bags cause controversy

IT IS quite nice to receive some feedback from articles that I write.

Prior to the Christmas break, I wrote about stores charging for plastic bags and one reader seemed to take issue with my comments.

Taking issue is wonderful and I try to write in a way that will create a reaction. The problem is, I still fail to see any reasoning whatsoever is this person’s tirade against me (letters, December 25).

Allow me to go through some of the comments made. Let me quote: “For years, there have been reports that the vast amounts of plastic in the sea are killing sea birds, mammals and fish, and polluting the land and water.”

Well, I am sure this has been taken straight out of the eco green manual! Please indulge me and let me try to get this right. So, I go to a supermarket, pay five pence for a plastic bag and then whatever happens to that bag, it will no longer create any environmental problems? That really makes no sense whatsoever.

Maybe its time for the eco warriors to get some proper reasoning together and put forward suggestions to save the planet rather than abusing people like little old me for putting forward my argument and objecting to being ripped off in the name of environmental issues.

It was quite obvious to me that the column’s message was right over the head of this person.

Just so you know where I am coming from, personally I am not in any way shape or form interested in ‘green’ messages. I repeat that I am not into recycling when it comes to waste.

If plastic is such an awful product, causing the grief we are led to believe, and plastic bags are consuming the land and water, killing off all forms of life, etc., then the answer is very easy.

Ban plastic bags; do not put a price on them. Tax the companies that manufacture them so highly that it is not practical to produce them. Make retailers, supermarkets, etc., use an alternative form of bag.

I remember well the days when paper bags and carriers were used, so why can we not go back to that? Some well-known fast food chains use only paper bags and paper sacks to put their goods in, so why can’t the supermarkets, etc., do that as well?

Why is this not being put forward by the so-called environmentalists?

Let me go back to the letter: “How hard is it to take a shopping bag with you when you go shopping? It may seem a small thing to do but in the drastic situation we are in regarding our planet, anything we can do will help.”

It is not hard to take a shopping bag with you, but surely the majority of these bags will be plastic? It is also highly impractical to take a stock of plastic bags with you every time you go out and suddenly decide to pop into a shop. Dramatic language such as ‘drastic situation’ wins no arguments, unless it is true.

Finally, a comment I do agree with in the letter, ‘it is very fortunate that Mike Mendoza is no longer a councillor’. The answer is that Mike Mendoza is very fortunate indeed.

Oh, by the way, a very happy new year to everyone.