COLUMN: Dozy’s Rambles on roadworks and speed limits

Traffic around Chichester is notoriously bad at peak times
Traffic around Chichester is notoriously bad at peak times

I HAVE been trying to work out the meaning of the phrase ‘false economy’ and decided that West Sussex Highways should take the prize.

How many of us have driven along Upper Shoreham Road to the Holmbush Shopping Centre over the past week to be confronted with long delays due to roadworks?

So, what exactly have these men of the highways been up to? Digging up the entire stretch of road and re-surfacing? No, but they certainly have been very busy blocking off the entire stretch of road much to the annoyance of hundreds of frustrated motorists.

What they have actually done? They have cut various channels out and then re-filled them. These fillers are in all shapes and sizes and go off in varying directions, filled with different colour stones. Oh... Several potholes have also been filled. It certainly does look very pretty!

Now, after the disruption, the road is open. I am sure motorists can expect a nice smooth drive along this major route, or maybe not. I drove the length of the road this weekend and it was a bit like a trip along the lines of a Disney ride, with patchwork fillings and bumps that will please the best of thrill seekers. I am sure that the residents must love it when heavy trucks thunder along, making their houses feel like they are in an earthquake.

Staying on the roads, I am delighted that Worthing Council kicked out the proposal for a 20mph limit in the borough. I could never understand how, when the national limit is 30mph, that a local authority can just change it. Surely, if the government thought that 30 was unsafe, then they would change it?

In Adur we do have a few roads around the centre of town that you can certainly understand should be 20mph, but a blanket speed limit that really is unenforceable seems just crazy.

Mixed messages have recently come out from our neighbours to the east who one day say that the change in speed has made no difference whatsoever, and then a week later claim many lives have been saved due to the changes made.

Funny how the latest statement comes on the heels of a vote about to be taken to virtually make the whole of the area a 20mph city.

Several million pounds has now been pledged to ensure flood defences are in place around our district. Now this is wonderful news, especially when you see the way many within our community have suffered over the past few years.

We have been told on very good authority that severe weather will be heading our way yet again this winter, ensuring more misery to many. At this stage, my excitement over the agreed works is slightly eroded, as it appears the works are to be carried out in approximately two years time! Why? When we know misery is on the way, can’t the works begin now?