COLUMN: Dozy’s Rambles on making the most of the festival

The queue for tickets the day they were released in Shoreham
The queue for tickets the day they were released in Shoreham

I AM not going to dwell on what I saw as to the negatives of the forthcoming music event at Shoreham Airport, sorry, Brighton City Airport. I am sure that I have said enough about that recently.

There is a claim that all tickets have been sold and the numbers vary, so I am going to be generous and say that the full 70,000 ticket allocation has been sold.

I have voiced my concerns in the past as to how this is good for Shoreham. The organisers, of course, claimed that up to £1million will ‘pour’ into the local economy, so I have been trying very hard to work out how this is going to happen.

I very much doubt that local business will gain from this event, as there is no hotel in the area. Many thousands will be looking for somewhere to stay overnight when they get kicked out at 1am on the Sunday.

My take on this is how are locals actually going to gain anything from this massive event that will swamp the area with traffic and people?

I cannot see that visitors will take advantage of all Shoreham as a town has to offer, bearing in mind all it really has to offer is charity shops, supermarkets, pubs and coffee shops. I am sure the vast majority of festival goers will be there for the festival and will not want to go off site for a drink or for food, as they will be on offer throughout the site.

So now is the time for me to give a positive slant to the event.

Ticket sales: Many thousands of people queued up for several hours to purchase tickets from the Shoreham Centre. We saw bodies shuffling from as far as High Street to Pond Road. Many of those who were ‘lucky’ enough to buy tickets have already placed them on eBay at exorbitant prices.

Accommodation: I know quite a number will be local residents but where will the out-of-towners will go? Here are Dozy’s top tips on how residents can make money from this wonderful opportunity to put Shoreham on the map. Or at least let the promoters and general public know exactly where Shoreham is, because it certainly is not in Worthing or Brighton! Plus, of course, nowhere near Brighton station, as had been advertised.

1. Offer camping facilities in front and back gardens. Camping will not be permitted on site over night.

2. Offer B&B facilities. There are no hotels in the area.

3. Offer Parking in driveways. With only 10,000 car parking spaces allocated, many more will be struggling to park.

4. Sell food and soft drinks from front gardens, set up a barbecue for hotdogs, etc.

5. Do as they do in Glastonbury, etc., and rent your house out for the weekend.

The alternative is to do as I will do – leave the area for the weekend, have a peaceful and restful time and not return until late, allowing the traffic and chaos to clear.

To all those who are going, enjoy. For those who live close by and are not happy with the event, make the most of it or go away somewhere. For those who could not get tickets and don’t really care any way, follow my above tips and make the most of it.