COLUMN: Dozy’s Rambles on loyalty

Changing insurance providers could be the key to savings
Changing insurance providers could be the key to savings

LET me pass on my recent experience, as I put to the test loyalty and discovered this word does not exist when it comes to big business.

It is that time of the year where everything seems to need to be renewed at the same time. Insurance for the car, insurance for the house, breakdown company, health insurance, etc. Then to top it off, I have never taken up an option to receive a ‘free’ sports package for the television.

Let me start with insurances. All my policies appear to have increased by quite a lot, so I decided to use a comparison site on the internet. Every company I looked at was offering like for like cover for both car and house at a much lower price than the one at which I was being invited to renew.

What shocked me most was the companies that I insure my car and house with both were much lower on this site. I telephoned both to find out if I could renew at the price quoted on the internet and was told that was impossible.

It was explained to me the prices quoted on the net were to entice new customers and the prices would increase after the first year.

I asked if there was any kind of loyalty bonus for staying with the same company for several years. I was informed definitely not! While I was shocked by the response, I thought why should I stick by a company and show my loyalty when they don’t care about me or my business. So I cancelled my policies and went with new companies at a considerable saving.

I have been with the same breakdown company for close on 50 years. Now that’s loyalty. Each year, membership increases, despite no increase in service available. I did my search of the Internet to find that by joining as a new member, I save £180. Now that’s a great saving, so I resigned and then a few days later joined as a new member.

Finally, let me tell you of my television deal. Since taking a broadband package, I have had to pay by the month, rather than quarterly. My bills are quite high, despite having an all-inclusive tariff.

Knowing I was entitled to the sports package, I decided I would at long last take it. When I finally got through to the call centre, I was informed the package I was on expired two years ago, so I had therefore been reverted to a full-price package.

I asked why I was not informed earlier and the response was it was up to me to check. So it appears I have been paying approximately £25 per month more than I needed to. I have now gone on to the rate I should have been on.

I have been taken aback by the lack of loyalty to customers, so my loyalty will no longer be shown. By changing all my policies to new providers, I have saved over £800 this year, which is quite amazing.

Let me urge you to look around and save in these times when every penny counts.