COLUMN: Dozy’s Rambles on bin collections

SADLY, I look at the situation that our neighbours in Brighton have found themselves in with rubbish piling up in the streets.

As I write this, it is just three days of bins not being collected and the streets are looking truly shocking, not what visitors would expect from a major UK city. No wonder so many are moving across to Adur and Worthing to live.

As I look at the situation, I think to myself that perhaps the council is doing the right thing by standing up to the unions. I admire the stance they have taken, why should anyone or any organisation be blackmailed, held to ransom and bullied into submission?

I have always had the attitude that when you take a job on, you know exactly what you are letting yourself in for. You know the terms and conditions of employment, you know exactly what to expect. If I had a job and I felt that I didn’t like what I am doing or felt I wasn’t getting paid enough for the job I was doing, then I would leave that employment and try to find an alternative way of making a living.

I am sure there are plenty of unemployed people who would love to take on the job. I am equally sure the union officials who are shepherding the workers into anarchy will not be loosing any sleep thinking they are about to loose their job as they settle down at night.

Looking back to the miners’ dispute, that was purely war declared on the government of the day by the miners’ union, with total disregard to the real welfare of its members. It was the miners union that brought the UK mining industry to its knees and dealt the final death blow.

My other thought is how happy I am that Adur does not have the communal rubbish bins we see ‘next door’. This is, of course, why we are seeing the bins overflowing so quickly in the streets there.

I would hate for us here in Adur to have a similar situation and if it were ever proposed I would fight tooth and nail to keep householder bins independent.

There is nothing worse than those ugly bins in lines ‘parked’ on the kerb, taking up valuable parking spaces within the city centre and environs, and now as we see, overflowing with rubbish on to the roads and pavements.

The bin collections in Adur are second to none, plus Adur is the envy of many other councils around the UK.